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Jan 7, 2023 PC Training and Meeting RSVP

  • This page may take several minutes to update from the time you submit your form.

  • If the name you entered on the form is not the same as what is listed here, it may take a day to update.  However, if you have received an email copy of your responses, we have your form!


  • If your name appears more than once on this list, we will only count the first instance so that you are not counted more than once.


The RSVP and hotel request form can be found here:

Due by December 17th at 5 pm

Training is attended by the Regional Problem Captains and their assistants.  

For questions about the hotel, meeting space, or food, please contact Deb at

For OM inquiries or meeting policies, please contact Anna at

If you see an error, please contact Kate at

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