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Florida Odyssey Alumni

Once an OMER, always an OMER! If you're interested in staying involved with Odyssey of the Mind or simply want to stay connected with the FLOMA community consider becoming a part of the Odyssey Alumni group.


Don't take our word for it! Read what some fellow Odyssey of the Mind Alumni have to say.

Software Engineer at Microsoft

In order to be whom you want to become, you must spend time on and grow in the areas in life that matter to you. You might be surprised how much Odyssey of the Mind can help with that. And while you’re busy growing, cherish the friendships and inevitable hilarity that is guaranteed within Odyssey of the Mind. Cheers!


The most important lesson that Odyssey taught me is that everyone can bring something special to the table.

Lockheed Martin

As a judge, I find the best solutions are the ones that not only meet the scoring criteria but also convey to the judges a performance evoking who the team is, as a whole.

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