Virtual FLOMA State Finals 2020

For the purposes of the videos submitted, please follow all of the Odyssey HQ 2020 World Finals Online rules. The rules can be found at



FLOMA has a few differences to the Odyssey HQ Rules:


-We are NOT testing your balsa structures. Since we cannot re-create the testing method, we will not ask for you to send your structure. All other aspects of your solution will be judged. Please complete your performance as though your structure was having weights placed. 


-We will NOT be setting up a “Live” Call to complete a Spontaneous problem. Instead, we will send you a variety of Spontaneous problems to practice. We will send a cross-section of problems and will attempt to make sure that any hands on or verbal hands on, only include items that you would find around the house. 


-All submissions will get a SINGLE review. Each video will be reviewed by a team of trained Long Term & Style Officials. It could take up to a week between submitting your video and getting the final scores and reviews back. 

-There is NO FEE to submit your team’s video. 


The deadline to submit a video link is MAY 3, 2020.


PLEASE NOTE: Videos & Forms should be uploaded to a file sharing service (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.) and the share link should be placed in the form.

Forms can be found below:

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